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Much more than motivation & positive thinking. Evolve yourself by applying the ACE principles for dramatic results.

Close Quarter Combat

We specialise in equipping people from all walks of life with the tools to control violent conflict.

Business Consulting

CorporateKali ™ is the application of strategies in the boardroom rather than the battlefield. Giving you the unfair advantage.


ADVANCED COMBAT EVOLUTION is an organisation which blends peak performance with combative training.  Our mission is to equip both civilian and non civilians alike with the tools they need to control conflict, both physically and mentally.  Our applications are deployed in gyms to corporate boardrooms internationally.

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Meet Our Founders

Lawrence Oleriana

Head Instructor

Boasting more than 20 years in private security, Lawrence provides services to Law Enforcement Agencies, and Military personal internationally. Clients include Spanish National Police, HNW individuals and families, business leaders, A list celebrities and political figures and organisations such as Embassies and Consulates. 

Born in the Quezon City Philippines Lawrence received his first Arnis lesson from his Grandfather, Dominador “Domeng” Floresca at an early age, upon mastering this system “Domeng” began to teach his own knife system to Lawrence. The techniques and strategies that protected him from the dangerous streets in Tondo, Manila.

Military schooling and serving the Philippines as a ROTC in the Armed Forces introduced Lawrence to a fresh perspective of blade combat applications in jungle warfare.

SGM Ruben Tansingco Guille influenced Lawrence greatly upon reaching Madrid. Arnis Tapado Philtama has a focus on power and force, no strike is wasted “one dead enemy with every strike”.

Practical application has always been a main focus, as Founder of Advanced Combat Evolution, Lawrence injects elements from other arts such as Western and South East Asian boxing, Italian Knife, Krav Maga.

Often sought out to provide choreography from film and television peaked an interest in front of camera work.

Lawrence can be seen in independent films and television series in Spain playing various roles and characters.

David Mark

Corporate Instructor

For more than two decades David has primarily serviced front of house operations for various financial services companies. These positions have enabled David to interact with Fortune 500 companies and small business owners.

CorporateKali ™ is the product of experience in both peak performance, close quarter combat and their applications into the business world.

Obsessed with martial arts from an early age David was fortunate to have immersion in the world of peak performance. Surrounded by pedigree athletes from an array of different sports, David naturally was exposed to high level performance solutions.

The same time David embarked on a sales career, focusing on mainly on financial services. The foundation of discipline and hard work guided David to seek out sales mentors. Since then David has walked on hot coals, jumped off towers, and complete hellweek type events. All in the pursuit of success.

Seeking the truth served as the main motivation for seeking an education in the blade doctrine. This took David to the Philippines to train with  Philippine Marine Force Recon & GM Rene Tongson of Abaniko Tres Puntas Classical Arnis. Then closer to home in Madrid for intensive training in body mechanics and urban combat with PG Lawrence Oleriana.

The amalgamation of personal development and urban combat strategies gave birth to Advanced Combat Evolution. David continues to promote Filipino Martial Arts via FMA Culture International Association. 

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