Covwords – 5 Reasons Why Self Defence is Important

By Dave


  • 1 in 6 women has experienced a sexual assault or an attempted sexual assault.
  • 1 in 33 men has experienced the same thing.
  • 83% of young people say bullying has a negative impact on their self-esteem.
  • 30% of young people have gone on to self-harm as a result of bullying.
  • 10% of young people have attempted to commit suicide as a result of bullying.

Self-defence?Is it edible?

Let’s face it. Typically, girls growing up watch films where the female protagonist is saved by a male hero, Disney princesses are a great example for this. So what happens? They create this idea in their minds that they need to be saved by someone else, not knowing that they can save themselves. That they are their own heroes. It has been only recently that female protagonists have had a stronger will, whether it be in films or in books: Hermione Granger, Katniss Everdeen, Wonder Woman, Black Widow…

Self-defence is a way in which anyone could aspire to become that hero, not only for themselves but for others.

Languages, maths science are fascinating subjects, but why not teach individuals something that can help them defend themselves and prevent things like muggings, sexual assault, physical confrontations or bullying.

Here are 5 reasons why self defence is that ‘new thing’ you have to try:

  1. It builds your confidence: I mean… Who wouldn’t feel like a badass from a Marvel film right? You’ll definitely feel a change after each lesson, as you gain more knowledge and experience.
  2. You develop the 3 Ss – self-discipline, self-love, and self-respect: it takes motivation and determination to commit to a practice like this one, but it’s worth it! You’ll gain more focus, stay fit and find yourself in the process.
  3. It helps you develop awareness and reflexes: although no one expects to be attacked while going out with some mates for a few beers at the pub, it’s never a bad thing to be alert and aware of your surroundings. This way, you won’t be caught off guard and you’ll be prepared for anything!
  4. It molds your spirit, making you a better person: every practice teaches you something different. It’s like they say “you’ll never go into a place and come out the same person”. It’ll give you not only knowledge and confidence, but also humility and compassion, as this is a skill that you will use, not only for yourself but also to protect the people around you and your loved ones.
  5. It’s for everyone, no matter the gender or age: self-defence is a skill for EVERYONE (how do you think that grandma from that movie knows how to handle her bag around muggers, h’uh?)

If you’re thinking of trying it out, here in Coventry we have the Krav Maga Midlands Coventry Self Defence Classes in City College Coventry and in Allesley, a collaboration between Old School Fitness gym with ACE: Advanced Combat Evolutionwho are giving classes, 10 pounds per class, starting this weekend, Saturday 9th from 1pm – 2pm for both female and male, 2pm – 3pm Muay Thai, and Sunday 10th from 1pm – 2pm for women, and from 2pm – 3pm for children.

So go and tell your friends and go learn something new. Also, you should remember… One must understand that self-defence is not a skill one should use recklessly or without necessity, so don’t go whacking people whenever you feel like it!


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