Combat : A fight between individuals or groups.
Science : The state of knowing :  knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding.


Since we began inhabiting the planet there has been conflict. With conflict comes violence. Through hundreds and thousands of years warfare both battlefield and urban have changed and adapted.

For example during the American Civil war the “Red Coats” discovered that marching in a straight line in bright red clothes towards your enemy was indeed a disastrous outcome.  A far cry from todays image of tactical deployment of camouflaged operators.

Typically, we all have one head, two arms, two legs and so on. We are all wired in a pretty similar way. Our bodies can generate unimaginable strength yet we can crumple to the ground from a slight deviation of foundation.

Kinesiological analysis provides us with an unprecedented amount of understanding of engineering success via our own natural biomechanical form.

Fact is derived from evidence based upon theory.  ACE Combat Laboratories (COMLAB) is where we collect evidence.  A COMLAB maybe an international war zone such as Afghanistan, jungle anti terror engagement in the Philippines, even security or simply self preservation in an urban environment. Experience through live violent exposure, not from theory of egos. We test and validate in our COMLAB´s.

With real conflict being a dynamically charged electric mix of chaos and emotion we adhere to the schooling of preparing for the worst case scenario. We engage one on one as though we are one versus five. If we don´t see a weapon we still react as though a weapon could be deployed.

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