Lawrence Floresca – Co-Founder, Chief Instructor

Born in the Quezon City Philippines Lawrence received his first Arnis lesson from his Grandfather, Dominador “Domeng” Floresca at an early age, upon mastering this system “Domeng” began to teach his own knife system to Lawrence. The techniques and strategies that protected him from the dangerous streets in Tondo, Manila.

Military schooling and serving the Philippines as a ROTC in the Armed Forces introduced Lawrence to MSGT Prado which allowed a fresh perspective of blade combat applications in jungle warfare.

SGM Ruben Tansingco Guille influenced Lawrence greatly upon reaching Madrid. Arnis Tapado Philtama has a focus on power and force, no strike is wasted “one dead enemy with every strike”.

Practical application has always been a main focus, as Founder of Advanced Combat Evolution, Lawrence injects elements from other arts such as Western and South East Asian boxing, Italian Knife, Krav Maga. Lawrence has developed and deployed programs for the Spanish
Police Force, Military and Private Security sector. Lawrence is the head Coach for the National team via Federcion Madrileña de Lucha Olimpica.

David Mark – Co-Founder

David Mark is one of the Founders of Advanced Combat Evolution. An early enthusiast of full contact Taekwondo achieving national level success in his early teens. Having being fortunate in meeting Micky Byrnes a former PTI in the British Army who helped David Mark transition to full contact Kickboxing taking semi professional bouts in New Zealand.

Personal development served as the main motivation for seeking an education in the blade doctrine. This took David Mark to the Philippines to train with MSGT Prado of the Philippine Marine Force Recon & GM Rene Tongson of Abaniko Tres Puntas Classical Arnis. Then closer to home in Madrid for intensive training in body mechanics and urban combat with PG Lawrence Oleriana.

The amalgamation of personal development and urban combat strategies gave birth to Advanced Combat Evolution. David Mark continues to promote Filipino Martial Arts via FMA Culture International Association which is a non profit organization domiciled in Madrid. David is an Ambassador for Lakan Kalis (Philippine National Police) Tactical Combat Kali and Abaniko Tres Puntas. David Mark is the first civilian to reach Level II in the Philippine Marine Corp Martial Art Kali program.

Manuel S Prado Jr – Military/LEO – Jungle Warfare and Counter Terror

MSGT Prado, or as most people know him as “Top”. Top Prado boasts more than 20 years active duty with the Philippine Marine Force Recon. One of the most highly regarded special forces units in the world. Top has been engaged in the war on terror as well as peace keeping
missions with the UN. (United Nations) resulting in a vast knowledge of combat experience that is unimaginable for most.

The PMCMAK or Philippine Marine Corp Martial Arts Kali program is taught to every Marine as well as components to other security services such as the SAF (Special Action Force), PNP (Philippine National Police) Scout Rangers etc whereby Top Prado is recognised as the Chief Blade Instructor for the AFP (Armed Forces Philippines).

MSGT. Prado is a master blade forger. He uses the same blade crafting techniques passed down to him through his family’s generations. MSGT. Prado hand crafts the best fighting bolos and combat knives for the Philippine Marine Corp – blades that are proven and prepared for action in real combat.

Rene Tongson – Abaniko Tres Puntas Classical Arnis & Ambassador of Philippine Heritage and Culture

GM Rene Tongson boasts a long lifetime in Filipino Martials Arts having first classes aged just 9. Among his teachers, there are many distinct names including Remy, Roberto & Ernesto Presas resulting in GM Rene possessing the highest ranking in Modern Arnis as serves as prominent patron of Arnis via Masters of the International Modern Arnis Federation – Philippines (IMAFP). Council of Masters of Modern Arnis, World Brotherhood of Modern Arnis (WBMA).

GM Matteo Estolloso of Panay Island began training GM Rene Tongson in Abaniko Tres Puntas Classical Arnis which GM Rene over many years became the appointed “caretaker” of ATP. Today Abaniko Tres Puntas Classical Arnis is one of the largest schools of Arnis spanning the globe. Revered for its no nonsense approach and devastating and distinctive techniques.

Danilo Rossi Lajolo di Cossano – Italian Martial Arts & Historian

Danilo Rossi Lajolo di Cossano is an author and renowned Italian Martial Arts master and historian. He is a member of Italian Nobility (House of Lajolo) a traditional Italian martial arts Master at Arms after training in his family art.

He is the only master at arms certified by all major Italian knife families and societies to teach the traditional Italian Martial Arts of Scherma di Coltello Italiana & Scherma col Bastone Italiano (Italian Knife & Stick Tradition) outside of Italy.

With his passion for Italian culture, passed on to him by Count Clement Lajolo Cossano, during a period of 15 years he studied the traditional Italian martial arts from various regions throughout Italy.

The WorldCalix Academy was founded with the aim of continued learning and the passing on of the Italian fighting styles taught to him by the Grand Masters of Italy’s regional martial arts societies and families.

Bram Frank – Knifesmith & Personal Defense Expert

Bram Frank was given his first knife by his grandfather when he was 4 years old. It would be this memorable moment that would set Bram on the path to becoming “the knife guy”.

Today Bram Frank boasts multiple patents in knife design and operation: Kinetic Opening / Indexing, Puzzle lock, Gunting tactical folder, and Abaniko Tactical fixed blade. The LLC-Gunting knife and its Non lethal counterpart the CRMIPT are part of LE agencies approved carry and SOP in USA. The State of Israel recognizes Bram Frank as the “Father of Knife Combatives” in Israel as Bram continues to teach various LEO and Military units across the globe.

Bram Frank was introduced to blade combatives via his primary teacher GM Remy Presas, Bram is recognized as one of the highest ranking Arnisadors in Modern Arnis, Bram has studied extensively JKD, American Karate and Wing Chun. Having been active in combatives training and knife design for 30 years he remains one of the most sought after blade designers and instructors.

David Cabreria – Israeli Martial Arts & Combatives

Passionate about urban defense tactics David Cabreira has been practisicing Krav Maga for more than a decade, he incorporates other attributes from his experience in Kickboxing, Western Boxing, Kali.

In 2010 David founded KME in order to transmit his teachings to law enforcement as well as civilians. David is ranked a Level 3 Instructor in Israeli Martial Arts, he also retains a Level 2 instructor title from Haganah (IDF)

David is a firm believer in pushing boundaries and getting uncomfortable in order to reach higher levels.

Andrew Langhorn – Chief Marketing Officer

Andrew boasts more than 25 years in the fitness industry with past projects including building and branding some of Europe’s largest sports nutrition & supplements commerce sites. Responsible for creating and distributing brands across multiple platforms, Andrew has leveraged his experience in online marketing to creating TML Creative Media a UK and USA based design & marketing agency. TML Media is providing Tribu with marketing exposure.

Andrew likes to consult with businesses; taking a fully holistic approach to the entire business model, assisting in methods to streamline & automate existing procedure, improve/create processes & systems, increase profits and decrease costs, while creating flexibility and greater time & enjoyment for owners and those involved working within the business.

D´Souza Vons Ferris – Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu & Personal Defense

D´Souza was born in Brazil where he began his journey in Jiu-jitsu. Having spent most of his day and night in the gym, D´Souza was able to be around and share the tatami with todays legends of Jiu-Jitsu. Professor D´Souza spends most of his time to this day in the Dojo refining his skills and sharing his knowledge from his experience on the mat and in the urban battlefield in the Brazilian Special Forces.

Most recently Professor D´Souza is competing in various organisations and developing his Jiu-Jitsu team. Although his primary focus has always been on combatives the promotion of the Jiu -Jitsu lifestyle is also paramount.

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