Psychologically and physically ACE squad members have an edge. An edge which easily translates into everyday life. ACE cultivates a standard of excellence with map to get there. This map is used as a template to achieve whatever we can conceive.

ACE technologies are a marriage between rapid learning and combat. Many ACE squad members implement RSA to other diverse areas such as university work, addiction therapy, investing and much more.

We are fortunate to have a network of partners than spans the globe, the dominating common theme is the standard of excellence. Together with our partners we continue to set the pace in our industry as our partners do in their respective fields.

Squad Members donĀ“t come to take part, they come to take over. Please feel free to connect with any of our partners. They are ACE. Simply click on the logo for more details.

We reccomend for traditional filipino combat blades that you go straight to the source, we do not sell any Top Prado Blades or weapons please follow the link to their website and connect with Oliver Carnate.


Our Partners

We support our Military and LEO brothers and sisters! We provide a 15% discount on all our products sold on this website to our military service men and women, as a token of appreciation and thanks for your military service to our country. We got your 6! Oooorah!